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    About Us

    EBW Electronics is located in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. It is an excellent distributor of well-known electronic components and a designated supplier for many domestic terminal factories. It has developed into a well-known distributor of IC electronic components in China, and is currently one of the well-known independent distributors of electronic components.
    EBW Electronics. Advantage Brands: XILINX (Xilinx), ALTERA (Altera), MICRON (Micron), INTEL (Intel), TI (Texas Instruments), MAXIM (Maxim), ADI , CYPRESS, MARVELL, ON, ST (ST), NXP (NXP), IR (International Rectifier), FREESCALE (Freescale), TOSHIBA (Toshiba) ), RENESAS, LINEAR, ATMEL, IDT, INFINEON, MAXSCEND, LATTICE, Advantageous brands such as NEC (NEC), ACTEL, TE, ATO, ISSI, etc.
    Product application range: 5G communications, locomotives and ships, medical equipment, communications equipment, industrial automation, media players, data processing and storage. Involving various electronic industries, after more than ten years of accumulation, the company's dominant brands have accumulated a very rich original factory channel and OEM resources, and have a relatively mature technical data understanding of each chip. Each of our chips comes from the original factory, we do not produce chips, we are just the porters of the original factory, and we are committed to building an honest and win-win component trading platform.
    EBW Electronics implements the quality policy of "True, Sincere and Honest". We adhere to the best products, best services, and most sincere reputation, and strive to become your most trustworthy comprehensive IC service provider.


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    • skype:schlf10@hotmail.com

    • Adresss:

      25H, Block D, Shihong Garden, Fanshen Avenue, Baoan District, Shenzhen.China.

    • Tel:+86-755-23000403,+86-18938923278

    • Email:

      E-mail:info@ebw-hk.com  ebwinfo66@gmail.com 

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