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What is PriceMedal?

PriceMedal is a price comparison engine that helps you to find the best prices on Playstation 4 games.

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Why use PriceMedal?

All of the current prices in one place, no more manual searching and constantly wondering if you should hold on a little bit longer for the perfect deal.

We've all been there, checking multiple sites for the best prices on a PS4 game that we want to buy. Should you buy at Amazon, or maybe Walmart? Or maybe you prefer digital and want to buy your game from the Playstation Store. PriceMedal saves you time by aggregating all of the prices into one spot.

It can be hard to tell if a deal is a true deal, or if the price has actually been lower in the past.

You'll never have to wonder if you're getting the best price because we have the price history for every Playstation 4 game currently being sold in both digital and physical formats.

What stores does PriceMedal Monitor?

We currently monitor the following stores:

Official Playstation Store



Stores Coming Soon:

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